Quick Ethics-Quiz

 It is the responsibility of every associate to:  

  1. Make sure you have all the facts
  2. Ask themselves if what they are being asked to do is unethical or improper
  3. Discuss the problem with their supervisor
  4. All of the above

A Buyer is offered the free use of a condo while traveling to an out-of-state sporting event by a long-time vendor, who has been a personal friend of that Buyer for more than 15 years.  The Buyer should:

  1.  Accept the use of the condo since the offer came from a personal friend
  2.  Ask their DMM if it would be appropriate to accept the offer
  3.  Decline the offer
  4.  Both A & B are correct

A Buyer is on vacation and while checking the mail, finds an expensive gift from a vendor addressed to them.  The Buyer should:

  1. Return the gift
  2. Keep the gift, since it was sent to their home rather than the corporate office
  3. Bring it to the SVP, Internal Audit, Safety & Security
  4. Either A or C is correct

A Buyer is visiting a vendor showroom in New York and is offered a leather jacket.  The Buyer should: 

  1. Accept the offer if she likes the jacket
  2. Refuse the offer
  3. Offer to pay a nominal amount, perhaps $1 for the jacket
  4. Accept the jacket, but offer it to her Assistant Buyer

A store associate or corporate employee buys clearance merchandise during a 14 Hour Sale.  They may: 

  1. Sell it on E-Bay
  2. Sell it on E-Bay, but not at a flea market
  3. Not sell it on E-Bay, but can sell it at a flea market
  4. Not sell it online or at a flea market

A store associate rings a customer’s purchase who uses a gift card to pay for it.  Upon completion of the purchase, $2.50 remains on the card.  The customer says she no longer wants the card and leaves it at the register.  The associate can:

  1. Use it since the customer said she did not want it
  2. Not use it, but give it to another associate to use
  3. Turn it in to the Senior Manager on duty
  4. Not use it themselves, but give it to a friend to use

A store General Manager and her husband jointly own a small consignment shop, but neither one of them works at the business except on their days off.  The store sells both women’s clothing and slightly used jewelry, along with boutique-type stationary.  This is: 

  1. A conflict of interest because Stein Mart sells similar merchandise
  2. Not a conflict because Stein Mart sells new merchandise only
  3. Not a conflict because they work minimal hours at the shop
  4. Both B & C are correct

An associate finds a diamond bracelet in the fitting room.  She should:

  1. Be able to keep it
  2. Bring it to a jeweler to determine its value
  3. Turn it in to the Senior Manager on duty
  4. Either A or B is correct

You may give someone your password if:

  1. The Help Desk asks you for your password
  2. Your Boss asks you for your password
  3. Your Boss says it is OK to give someone your password
  4. It is never OK to give out your password

The following is a true statement:

  1. Stein Mart prohibits retaliation if an associate reports misconduct in good faith
  2. Stein Mart expects associates to cooperate in internal investigations
  3. Associates should never talk to their manager or supervisor about illegal or unethical behavior
  4. Both A & B are correct

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